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August 2000
Business 2.0
Internet Drinking Bureau

July 2000
Armory Building
Twenty Four
Wild Card Wednesday
Industry Standard
Digital Music Coalition

June 2000
Industry Standard

May 2000
SOMA Magezine
Event Zero
All in one dot.com nite!
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3Dgirl's Webtrash Gallery
Industry Standard @BackFlip

Jump in the pool!
This is what you would have heard all night as you strolled through the crowds at the Industry Standard roof top party.


See how happy everyone is!
The roof top pool party was really fun, with plenty of booze, food and fun people.


We like to party!
Two incognito leather party peeps get their buzz on. Hmmm, that sounds like something that should be going on in the love shack.


Our newest friends
Ok girls, look at these three cuties! All these nice guys just standing around. These three gentlemen were very friendly but a lot of the crowd was a bit stiff.


Kamikaze room
This was one of the hotel rooms that was open for guests to run around in. This fine room was handing out nail puzzles (you had to be there) and kamikazes. Woo hoo!


Ya don't say!?
Three peeps chattin' it up at the IS party. Wait, what is that lady looking at...oh, must have been a hot guy walking by.


The Shut-Ins got their music on
The band livened the crowd up with all sorts of music. At one point Mumbles and Shelika were doing their version of the country tango.


WiredPlanet space guy!
What's that guy doing behind him? Some peeps will do anything to get in a picture. Mr. WiredPlanet here, doesn't seem to happy about that!


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