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Event Pics: Pink Slip IV
@ The Sound Factory

Photos By Nicole Curtiss

Another successful Pink Slip Party put on by and It is estimated that there were over 1,300 peeps at this party. Sign-in sheets showed 60% job seekers and 40% recruiters.

NextCard, a sponsor of Pink Slip IV, was busy most of the night interviewing job seeking peeps.

Can you believe it? People were mobbing the NextCard, Genentech and EarthLink Reps more than the bar. These were serious job seekers! But, alas, everyone must take a break sometime :)

Ahhh, the infamous sfgirls in action! Here we have sfgirl Trendy and sfgirl Frenchy.

Booty and friend. Boot2daBeer (proud party posse member) and friend are taking a break in the upstairs bar of the Sound Factory.

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