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  SF Culture/Opinion
A Mess in SF
What I have with my hetero life partner is above unfounded sexual accusations. Itís stronger than any relationship Iíve known.

The Game
Terrorism insurance. These were the two words that induced my awareness to return to the meeting and conversations already in progress.

Trendy Girl Gear
The hottest trend this fall is the tight fitted school boy jacket. And these little jackets are so perfect for San Francisco!

Girlie Girl
Shoe Zen: Shoes make the outfit, show off the darling pedicure, and convey your sensibility. In them there lies magic, whimsy, and distinction.

Relationship Columns
The Looking Glass
1. We've gotten our Starter Marriages out of the way: Top 10 reasons why divorced women are catches.

Valley Girl
When is it too soon to have sex? I recently had a blind date where this question again came into play.

Lost in Space
Moving Back to SF: For commitment-phobes (I hate to lump myself in that category, but I think I might be one), a departure date is a wonderful aphrodisiac. Hype
- It's not just for girls!
  MyHood! Local Reviews

Entertainment, good eats, music! From the locals

M is for Music
G is for GoGoGo Airheart<: "Rock n Roll, jazz, funk, R&B, soul, reggae - it's all good music. Anything we get our hands on is good".

Whatever your mood, thereís a bar for you on the 2100 block of Market Street. Go and find yours!

For a taste of France and Madagascar, visit Crepe o Chocolat. The food is excellent and reasonably priced.

Duboce Park: Since I now have a dog of my own (Bella a golden retriever) my lifestyle has changed dramatically (for the better).

Avast ye scurry maties, or walk the plank! 826 Valencia Street is the only independent pirate supply store in San Francisco.

Noe Valley
Incanto, Italian for "enchanted," turns out to be something of a salve over the wound left by the exit of Speckman's.

Imbibe - Happy Hour Guide
A bar that knows how to price for an economically collapsed city! The Lost and Found located in North Beach.

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