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And respond they did. The tickets to the much hyped party were harder to come by than a gold wrapper entitling one lucky contestant to view Willy Wonka's sick and twisted playground for young children. Ironically, once inside the entertainment wasn't that much different than what one might expect to find inside the temple of chocolate. Once SFboy squeaked through the army of bouncers out front (heaven forbid someone might crash a net party and make it interesting) he was exposed to a slick marketing ploy highlighting all the ways that might make capitalism easier for the typical working fool tied to their computer all day long.

After the drink line was endured (please train the bartenders before the party) SFboy was ready to experience the circus inside. Thanks to Cirque the atmosphere was light and frivolous as the crowd marveled at the flexibility and disregard for gravity that was displayed on a number of stages. In addition to the clowns and jugglers the crowd was primarily websnob, sporting post-IPO duds accompanied by the fourth (and perfect) wife. Also in attendance were Guido, the pseudo skateboarder who was eventually thrown out for bad behavior. M and J who provided the gathering with a little ball and chain display (lite S&M with your aperitif?) and Bill Gurley (Heavyweight VC from Wit Capital).

Food for the masses included moo shu duck, and biscuits, gravy and mashed potatoes. (Have the Southerners arrived in town?). Drinks were fairly top shelf until the vodka ran out around 9:30pm forcing SFboy to cry in pain. I will say that found the nicest portapotties in town. (Take note organizers of Burning Man!). The bottle of Veuve-Clicquot upon departure was a brilliant touch and Sk8trchick was seen departing the premises with a mile-wide smile and three bottles for herself.

Even more exclusive was the afterhours party held in the swanky Blue Bar underneath the Black Cat where one needed to be tagged to enter. Not one for labels SFboy crashed and was immediately asked by the man in the black turtleneck how I was entitled to be part of such a scene. When I bluffed, "I know the VP of Marketing," I was immediately called out by the VP of Marketing. While he was kind enough to let me finish my evening, one might stop to ponder the lesson learned here. Always bluff your way in because they'll never know if it's SFboy they're throwing out and the valley is too small to make enemies.

Because that guy running off copies could be your next boss.

Webtrash: 20%
Websnob: 70%
CircusFreaks: 5%
Respond PR: 5%
Price of Party: $170,000
Over 60 yr. old men in leather pants: 4
Under 20 yr. old women in leather pants: 4