About Us

sfGirl.com was one of the first highly successful and culturally significant online communities established in the San Francisco Bay Area. The community was made up of technology professionals working in the dot-com and start-up industries. The website was known for its innovative guerrilla marketing campaigns, dot-com/launch party listings and reviews, and noteworthy technology recruiting events that drew huge crowds and extensive media coverage.

The website gained popularity as it began to chronicle the new dot-com lifestyle, reviewing lavish parties thrown by startups and building a following of San Francisco internet professionals. The website hosted anonymous message boards that encouraged rogue event listings and became an online meeting place for local tech industry 20 and 30 somethings to connect.

Later, after the dot-com bust sfGirl.com launched the San Francisco and Silicon Valley Pink Slip Parties. The pink slip party was a recruiting event in a relaxed atmosphere. These events were very popular and brought thousands of Tech employers and potential employees together twice monthly.

sfGirl.com was founded by Patty Beron and supported by the efforts of an amazing team of writers, event contributors, and promoters.