Sunday, February 25, 2018

sfGirl Flashback

sfGirl - dot com boom flashback photos and articles

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Think Pink!

After the dot-com bust launched the San Francisco and Silicon Valley Pink Slip Parties in 2001. The pink slip party was a recruiting...

Dot.Com Party Pics PART 1 (Flashback)

The sfGirls and the sfGirl community attended A LOT of dot-com parties. Launch and parties became more and more elaborate as more dot-com startups tried...
sfgirls in pink boas

sfGirls (Flashback)

Wearing boas and tiaras, the sfGirl Posse brought a fun and playful vibe to the once male-dominated tech industry. Women were entering the dot-com...

Dot.Diary (Flashback)

Published on in the late 1990s, what was it like working at a Dot.Diary by Jane Galt An inside look at life in...
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Flashback – sfGirl 1999

About Flashback Posts Flashback posts are made up of sfGirl content from 1998 - 2004. Flashbacks include San Francisco dot-com launch party reviews, party photos, and...
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Webtrash Party Reviews – Part I (Flashback)

Webtrash Party Review by sfBoy Disclaimer: No company budgets were harmed in the crashing of this party. Past party reviews are not posted in any particular order. They all...