My iGuy – Interviews at Dotcom Parties (Flashback)

My iGuy
“Guy of the Night” award¬†

A little history: We had a lot of fun meeting people at internet parties 1999 – 2001. The iGuys were always happy to answer sfMingler’s questions! Why wouldn’t they be, she is super charming!¬†

Are you one of our iGuys?? We would love to catch up. Contact us and let us know what you’ve been up to since you became famous on ūüėČ Send us an updated picture!

** We can no longer vouch for these iguy’s availability, hey, it’s been 20 years!

by sfMingler:

What is an iGuy? An iGuy is an Internet professional of the male species who exemplifies, respectfully of course, webtrash!

In an attempt to identify the intelligent, humorous and handsome pillars of the Net Set, sfMingler has volunteered to peruse the I-Party scene in search of eligible iGuys. An arduous task, let me tell you!

She will give you the inside scoop on the Internet industry’s most successful, not to mention … available men!

iGuy #16 – Gregory

sfgirl,, san francisco girl

Full Name: Gregory Metcalf Cosso


Ethnic Background: Italian
Place of Birth: 
Job title:
1 younger sister

Life Goals: To retire as young as possible

Favorite Food: Pasta and a NY steak

Favorite Drink: Kettle 1 and tonic

Favorite Restaurant:¬†Capp’s in NorthBeach

Favorite Indoor Activity: Watching the 49ers on TV

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Competitive sporting events and being in the sun

Favorite Practical Joke:¬†Writing love notes to co-workers from someone else’s computer

Boxers or briefs?: Boxers

Your sign: Gemini

Age: 24

How would you rate yourself?: Toward the top

Best asset is: Athleticism

Weakness: Patience

What do you think is the sexiest part of a woman: Legs and butt

Do you prefer older or younger woman?: Either

Favorite Movie: Office Space

Favorite Book: The Godfather

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Where are you from originally?: Orinda

Where did you go to college, undergrad, grad?: University of the Pacific

What was your major?: Business

How long have you lived in the Bay Area?: 24 years

Where do you live in the Bay Area?: San Francisco

What does your company do/specialize in?: Web services; Driving traffic to websites

Hobbies: Sports, movies and hanging with cool spontaneous people 

Favorite pick up line?: Are you from Tennesee? No. Well you are the only 10 I see.

Best hangover breakfast: Eggs Benedict

Turn-ons: A great smile

Turn-offs: Obnoxious behavior, drama

Scariest Experience: Ruptured spleen in football my senior year in high school

Dog or Cat person?: Dog

iGuy #15 – Craig

sfgirl,, san francisco girl

Full Name: Craig M Rothman
Ethnic Background: 
Place of Birth:
 Forest Hills, Queens NY
Job title: 
Network Development 
I have a younger sister she goes to Michigan University…

Life Goals:¬†To become filthy rich and help the less fortunate along the way…

Favorite Food: Hot Dog with mustard and ketchup..

Favorite Drink: Captain and Coke

Favorite Restaurant:¬†Steps of Rome in NorthBeach…great food and great atmosphere…

Favorite Indoor Activity: Playing NBA basketball for Sega

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Surfing 

Favorite Practical Joke:¬†Changing my voice on the telephone and pretend I’m a cop to scare my friends…

Boxers or briefs?:¬†I tried switching back to briefs..but it was a no go…

Your sign: Sagitarrius

Age: 24

How would you rate yourself?:¬†I’m like a fine wine…I’ll get better with age…

Best asset is: My sense of humor

Weakness: No car

What do you think is the sexiest part of a woman:¬†It’s all good

Do you prefer older or younger woman?:¬†I like older women, they’re really mature and I don’t have to hang out with their annoying friends, but for all you younger ladies out there, don’t worry, I think I can let it slide…

Favorite Movie: The Natural

Favorite Book: On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Favorite Holiday: New Years

Where are you from originally?: Oceanside, NY (South Shore L.I)

Where did you go to college, undergrad, grad?: Pennsylvania State
University, Class of 98

What was your major?: Television Production

How long have you lived in the Bay Area?: year and a half

Where do you live in the Bay Area?: I live in Russian hill in a tiny
studio…when I bring women home they laugh at me…

What does your company do/specialize in?: Web Services for small businesses

Hobbies: Jogging, playing Sega, basketball, movies, hanging with my friends, working out

Favorite pick up line?:¬†You look rather fertile this evening…

Best hangover breakfast: Eggs, Potatoes, Bagel with cream cheese on the side and an oj

Turn-ons:¬†I like a woman who knows how to dress sexy…

Turn-offs:¬†Hairy legs…

Scariest Experience:¬†I went underground to ride muni last year..we were packed like sardines and the muni stopped for like 20 minutes underground…I now walk everywhere…

Dog or Cat person?: DAWG

iGuy #14 – Ken

sfgirl,, san francisco girl

Found him at: TechSpace Launch Party
 Thursday, July 27, 2000 
Full Name: 
Ken Howery 
160 lbs 
Ethnic Background: 
Job title: 
VP of Funk 
One younger sister

Life Goals:¬†I just want to dance.¬† Of course I’m also aiming to do all the standard things in life – wife, kids, house in the suburbs, minivan – and obviously I want to become iGuy of the Year.

Favorite Food: Italian or anything with Tobasco or Spam.

Favorite Restaurant: Wherever I am able to get reservations.

Favorite Indoor Activity: Socializing, if done properly, is best done indoors. I also have pleasant memories of Prom.

Favorite Outdoor Activity:¬†I recently got into extreme sports. We’re planning on hang-gliding, bungee jumping, and scuba diving. My particular favorite so far is running with scissors.

Favorite Practical Joke:¬†All I can say is that the joke involves a carpeted ceiling and one missing Velcro suit.¬† Think of the possibilities… DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home.

Boxers or briefs? I take requests.

Your sign: Dangerous Curves Ahead.

Age:¬†Depends who’s asking.

How would you rate yourself?:¬†A ‘Strong Buy’.

Best asset is: Besides my good manners, my best asset is my willingness to try anything (i.e., sashimi, brunettes, and sky diving).

Weakness: A nice-smelling female.

What do you think is the sexiest part of a woman: A good attitude is very important.  And definitely braces, they really make a smile.

Do you prefer older or younger woman? Talent is more important than experience.

Favorite Movie: Kentucky Fried Movie is a real classic, although the book is probably better.

Favorite Book:¬†Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, although I can’t wait to see the movie version.

Favorite Holiday:¬†National Beef Council Month (It’s What’s For Dinner).

Where are you from originally? (see ethnicity)

Where did you go to college, undergrad, grad? Stanford.

How long have you lived in the Bay Area? Long enough to know to avoid the 408 area code.

Where do you live in the Bay Area?¬†Palo Alto, but I’m willing to commute.

What does your company do/specialize in?: Click Here to find out (plus you get $5!).

Hobbies: Flying, music, hanging with the sfGirls, and co-ed mudwrestling.

Favorite pick up line?: Yes, I would love a drink.

Best hangover breakfast: Whiskey, rocks.

Turn-ons:¬†All the stuff that turns on regular guys: Sense of humor, adventure, bubble wrap…

Turn-offs: Negativity, insecurity, Embarcadero Road off 101.

Scariest Experience: I have two: running from the bulls of Pamplona and opening an email attachment with the picture of the heavy guy who jumped out of his window.

iGuy #13 – Chris

sfgirl,, san francisco girl

Found him at: TechSpace Launch Party
Date: Thursday July 27, 2000
Full Name: Chris Gregory 
Height:¬†6′ 4”¬†
Weight: 190 
Ethnic Background:  Caucasian 
Place of Birth:  DC 
Job title:  Product guy 
Siblings:  One.  He also has two first names. 
Life Goals:  Creating a new language that unifies the species.  Did you know that life goals is slaog efil spelled backwards?

Favorite Food:  The Buffet. 

Favorite Drink:¬† Red Bull–¬† but only when I can’t sleep.¬†

Favorite restaurant:¬† Any restaurant with the name “Sushi” or “Al’s” in the title.¬† That’s an “or” statement and not an “and” statement by the way.¬†

Favorite Indoor Activity:¬†That’s a little private.¬†

Favorite Outdoor Activity:¬†That’s also a little private.¬†

Boxers or briefs?  What do you mean? 

Your sign:  Neon, but I only turn it on at night. 

Age:  Legal. 

How would you rate yourself?:  Sarcastically. 

Best asset is:¬† Grandpa’s hand-me-down Ford.¬† It’s worth almost 2K!¬†

Weakness:  Writing straight responses. 

What do you think is the sexiest part of a woman:¬† I don’t think it is appropriate to think of women in parts.¬†

Do you prefer older or younger woman?:  Depends on the country. 

Favorite Movie:¬† Hasn’t come out yet. I’m writing it.¬†

Favorite Book:  How to write a movie. 

Favorite Holiday:¬† I wasn’t aware the word “holiday” existed in the Internet world.¬†

Where are you from originally?  The East Coast. 

Where did you go to college, undergrad, grad?  The Farm. 

What was your major?  English. 

How long have you lived in the Bay Area?  Five years. 

Where do you live in the Bay Area?  Palo Alto. 

What does your company do/specialize in?¬† Can’t you figure it out from the name?¬†

Hobbies:  Crashing Internet parties. 

Favorite pick up line?  Never have needed to use one. 

Best hangover breakfast:  Red Bull and cereal. 

Turn-ons:¬†¬† Anything with the words “sfGirl” and “com” in them.¬†

Turn-offs:  No sense of humor. 

Scariest Experience:  Having my buddy Ken as a co-iGuy.

iGuy #12 – Mark

sfgirl,, san francisco girl

Found him at: Drink Exchange @Club NV
Friday, June 30, 2000
Full Name: 
Mark Bloom
160 lbs
Place of Birth: 
Montreal, Canada
Job title: 
Sr. Manager, Business Development
1 younger brother

Life Goals: Marriage, Kids and retirement by 50. Enjoy life while you can!

Favorite Food: Thai

Favorite Drink: Cosmo

Favorite restaurant:¬†Manora’s

Favorite Indoor Activity: Cooking; Sleeping in late on the weekends (with the right person of course…)

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Mountain biking; Skiing

Favorite Practical Joke: ???

Boxers or briefs?: Depends on the activity….

Your sign: Scorpio

Age: 35 

How would you rate yourself?:
Was a 7 till triathlon training firmed things up (can you say hard?) and caused 30 lbs to fall off. Now certainly higher on the food chain.

Best asset is:
Blue Eyes

Ice-Cream, but depends on where it melts (use your imagination…

What do you think is the sexiest part of a woman:
Nape of her neck

Do you prefer older or younger woman?:

Favorite Movie:
Life is Beautiful

Favorite Book:
7 habits of highly successful people

Favorite Holiday:
Trekking in Nepal, Scuba Diving somewhere exotic

Where are you from originally?:
Montreal, Quebec (la belle province)

Where did you go to college, undergrad, grad?:
Undergrad: McGill University in Montreal. MBA: WSU

What was your major?:
International Business

How long have you lived in the Bay Area?
5 years

Where do you live in the Bay Area?
San Francisco

What does your company do/specialize in?:
Internet Operations Sourcing. We manage big websites for big companies with end-user guarantees. How’s that for customer satisfaction?

Running, Mountain biking, Swimming, Skiing, Scuba Diving, Traveling and Cooking

Favorite pick up line?:
Didn’t pick up lines go out with the 80’s?

Best hangover breakfast:
Protein shake

Toe ring, Pierced tongue, flat stomach. Waking up on a Sat morning and having breakfast brought to you in bed by someone special…..

Hairy armpits, Body odor

Scariest Experience:
Getting ‘bent’ (nitrogen narcosis) while scuba diving in Micronesia (the middle of nowhere) and needing emergency air evacuation by the US Air Force (like the Canadian Mounties were going to do anything‚Ķ)

iGuy #11 – Jeff

sfgirl,, san francisco girl

Found him at: Drink Exchange @Club NV
Date: Friday, June 30, 2000
Name: Jeff Slye
Height:¬†6’1″ (6’1″ AND A 1/2, with bed head)
Weight: 192 lbs, fairly athletic build
Race: White, but who cares?
Born: Marin
Position: Sr. Manager, Business Development 
Company: LogicTier РNote: My company will certainly appreciate the following disclaimer: The statements by Jeff Slye are in no way representative or endorsed by LogicTier. 
Siblings: One older sis.

Life goals:
Since I was a child, my greatest life ambition was to be an iGuy. Assuming that this aspiration was unattainable, I have been focusing my efforts on being financially successful to obtain the means to help eradicate violence, promote goodness to others, and support international humanitarian efforts. I wouldn’t mind spending all my money to take a trip to the moon either.

Favorite food:
It’d have to be a great Thai curry…maybe Chicken Tikka Masala. However, if it is after 2 a.m. and several cocktails, there is no better delicacy than a real sloppy piece of combination pizza.¬†
Favorite Drink:
Water, without it I’d die…well, I guess I could say the same thing about good red wine.

Don Jonson’s new place‚ĶAna Mandara. It must be those years in cheesy Miami!

Favorite Indoor activity:
If I have an ‘activity’ indoors, I’ll assume the weather is bad or I’m having company. In this case, I am in the kitchen barefoot and in boxers standing over a skillet trying to cook a nice entr√©e or dessert, but never letting the yellow pages of delivery restaurants too far out of sight(Actually it is under my arm the whole time). With plate in hand (usually delivery prevails), I’ll grab a nice seat on the floor, lean back against the couch, and put in a movie, probably a unique non-fiction or foreign film.

Favorite Outdoor activity:
Rolling in the hay‚Ķwell, for some reason this doesn’t happen too often. Maybe I should stop looking for hay in the city. Seriously, I enjoy virtually anything outdoors or athletic including hiking (there is nothing like beautiful scenery), tennis, volleyball, climbing, going anywhere in Lake Tahoe, and snow skiing (my personal favorite).

Favorite practical joke:
In the dorms at UCLA unsuspecting bathers would leave their towels and post-shower clothing in plain view of nasty mischievous freshman. Being such an angel, I never participated, but there were rumors of clothes, towel, and all being removed from these stalls and put in clear view about 50 yards down the hall in the common foyer. Since our dorms were co-ed, we quickly had some of the fastest freshmen at UCLA. Oh yeah, some women became pretty fast as well.

Is there a choice? Boxers, of course.

Favorite Sign:
‘Proceed with Caution’…and I’m a Libra.


How would you rate yourself:
Similar to a good young fine wine. It wasn’t great early, but now it has a nice drinkability with complex flavors that will hopefully continue to develop into a savory vintage.

Best asset:
Being 28, but being able to not take myself too seriously.

Being 28 and occasionally acting 38.

Sexiest part of a woman:

Younger or older?:
Age is never a factor.

Favorite Movie:
Shawshank Redemption, but any Bond or Jim Carrey film will do.

Favorite Book:
Zorba the Greek (live life to the fullest) and any of Tom Robbin’s books (Jitterbug Perfume is hilarious).

Favorite Holiday:

Where were you born:
Born and raised right here in the Bay, Marin


Political Science/International Relations

Where were you raised:
I lived in the Bay most of my life, but have spent time living in Miami, Florida (Bienvenido a Miami) and London, England.

Where do you live:
San Francisco

Company’s offering:¬†
Logictier specializes in internet operations outsourcing – Essentially we operate all the hardware and software components for Fortune 500 companies to ensure 100% availability of their websites. The Olympics are one of our customers.

Guitar…I try and quit often. Spanish…I practice. Meringue/Dancing…I try and practice, but still haven’t turned the corner. International travel. Sports…I love playing them, watching them live can be a fun event, but on TV it’s a waste of time.

Favorite pick up line:
‘Hi.’ I guess I’m not big on these…however, one I recently heard that blew me away was…’Do you want to have sex or should I apologize?’ He apologized.

Best hangover breakfast:
Grande Orange Mocha Chip Frappuccino and Raisin bagel with Date and Walnut spread. Instant cure!

Turn ons: 
Surprises. An independent woman that has her own life and friends. Skirts, especially on tennis players. Belly button piercings. Occasional foul language from an otherwise sophisticated well-spoken woman. Good dancing. A kiss on my neck.

Turn offs:
Lies. A vegetarian that wears a fur coat. Women that look like pirates or NFL linemen. Unprotected sex with an unknown partner. The 30 somethings that think they are still in their frat/sorority and get belligerently drunk in the Marina. Sand in hard to reach places. High maintenance/materialistic personalities.

Scariest experience: 
Having my picture and bio put on some random SF web site…Second, a 6 hour jet boat ride I took on the Mekong river amongst whirlpools and upwellings going from Luang Probang, Laos to the Thai border.

iGuy #10 – Jason

sfgirl,, san francisco girl

Found him at: Bluestone Party @ Metreon
Date: Tuesday, June 6, 2000
Name: Jason A. Mellein
Job title: Lead Software Architect
Company: Peoplescape
Weight: 155 lbs.
Siblings: 0

Boxers or briefs?: Commando

Your sign: Sagittarius

Age: 26

How would you rate yourself?: Super jiggy with a twist.

Best asset is:¬†My oddball collection of genetic imperfections and my perfect innocence… really!

Weakness:¬†Can’t maintain a grudge.

Do you prefer older or younger woman?:¬†If she handles her life like an adult but takes every opportunity to regress to about 12 years old, then her age really doesn’t matter.

Favorite Movie(s): Shawshank Redemption, Baraka, South Park

Favorite Book(s): Cryptonomicon (Neal Stephenson), Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling), Life On The Color Line (Gregory Howard Williams)

Life Goals:
Do so much good stuff for other people, free of charge, that I can retire early on favors owed me… have a daughter… build a career profile that resembles Ghengis Khan’s… die doing something I shouldn’t.

Favorite Food:
Anything that brings me close to tears.

Favorite restaurant:
I’m dizzy with the possibilities. Mama’s Girl on Stockton next to Washington Square Park is pretty top shelf.

Favorite Drink:
*veeery* situational… Corona for chillin. Iced latte for a warm, sunny, putterin about town kinda day. Vodka tonic at a bar/club. Merlot for dinner…. i could go on.

Favorite Indoor Activities:
Sleep and cartoons.

Favorite Outdoor Activities:
Sex. :-), snowboarding, and rock climbing.

Favorite Practical Joke:
Take a screenshot of someone’s computer when they’re not around, minimize all of their windows and make that screenshot the new background on their computer. When they come back, they’ll go mad trying to click on windows that aren’t there.

What do you think is the sexiest part of a woman:
Her skin. all of it. every last inch. and smiles rule, definitely.

Favorite Holiday:
Spontaneous, random, 3-4 day excursions.

Where are you from originally?:
Valley of the Orchards (Silicon Valley before Silicon Valley)

Where did you go to college, undergrad, grad?:
Occidental College

What was your major?:

How long have you lived in the Bay Area?
All my life minus 4 years in college.

What does your company do/specialize in?:
You know how it is… super hip, crazy sexy cool, unmentionables in Java.

Museums, puttering about, and anything that strikes my fancy.

Favorite pick up line?:
Me to her: “Hi!”, her to me: “Well hello there, Mr. Hunka Hunka burnin love!”

Best hangover breakfast:
Sausage McMuffin w/ egg + 1 bloody mary.

Trust, support, curiosity, beauty.

Inaccessible and/or dogmatic people.

Scariest Experience:
Feeling drops of rain on my face half way up only my second multi-pitch trad climb. My climbing partner didn’t seem to mind, but every nerve in my body was pretty upset & letting me know about it.

iGuy #9 – Tucker

sfgirl,, san francisco girl

Found him at: SOMA Magazine Party
Date: Thursday May 25, 2000
Name: Tucker Max
Job title: Summer Associate
Company: Fenwick & West, LLP
Weight: 180 lbs.
Measurements:¬†I’m a guy. Do you think I know my measurements?
Marital Status:¬†Single. Like that’s not completely obvious.
Siblings: None. That should be obvious also.

Boxers or briefs?: Free ball

Your sign: Wrong Way

Age: 24

How would you rate yourself?: Very, very highly.

Best asset is: My humility (see above)

Weakness: Hot girls who are smart. Or smart girls who are hot.

Do you prefer older or younger woman?:¬†Older than who? My mom? That’s gross.

Favorite Movie: Ishtar

Favorite Book: Everybody Poops

Life Goals:
Have a large, happy family, a wonderful wife, be successful at business, raise lots of puppies and children, brutally crush my enemies, see them driven before me, purchase a small Caribbean island, annex it, create my own nation state. You know, the normal things.

Favorite Food:
Most free food. Except anything that can be described with the word “tandoori”.

Favorite restaurant:
Does my mom’s kitchen count? She makes me pay for the food.

Favorite Drink:
Anything with alcohol. (That’s actually not true. Have you ever tried mescal? Don’t. I’m serious. The only time I drank it, I woke up three days later married to a fat Puerto Rican stripper.)*

Favorite Indoor Activity:
Probably drinking. I find that when I’ve had a lot to drink I become incredibly charming. I do all sorts of clever things, like yell obscenities at random people, and throw up everywhere.*

Favorite Outdoor Activity:
That would be drinking again. In addition to yelling obscenities and vomiting, when I get drunk outside, my charm extends to urinating in inappropriate places, and passing out in public parks.*

Favorite Practical Joke:
I like to go down to the dog pound and pretend that I’ve found my dog. Then I tell them to kill him anyway because I already gave away all his stuff. Dog people sure don’t have a very good sense of humor.

What do you think is the sexiest part of a woman:
Honestly, intelligence and personality are the keys to a great woman. Surgery can improve everything else.

Favorite Holiday:
I’ve always been partial to Canadian Independence Day (I think they call it “Canada Day”), because it seems like such a ridiculous holiday to me. Don’t they know that they exist at our whim?

Where are you from originally?: Kentucky (seriously)

Where did you go to college, undergrad, grad?: Undergrad at the University of Chicago, and Law School at Duke.

What was your major?: We were supposed to pick a major? Whoops.

How long have you lived in the Bay Area? About three weeks.

What does your company do/specialize in?:
My law firm represents almost exclusively internet and tech related companies.

Going to parties with the sfGirls, listening to people tell me stories about the ridiculous things I do at those and other parties*, and trying to avoid work as much as possible. And I like to cuddle. A lot.

Favorite pick up line?:
I actually wrote a book about pickup lines, I swear. My default line is “Do you mind if I flirt with you?”

Best hangover breakfast:¬†I don’t drink.

Hot women, cute women, attractive women, intelligent women, aggressive women, funny women, women with great hair, and Chick-Fil-A (That’s a southern fast food chain, not some derogatory term for a woman).

Ugly women, excessively fat women, women who snort when eating, anything Marxist, and Duke Basketball fans.

Scariest Experience:
In South Beach, I once saw RuPaul out of drag. It blew my fucking mind. Or the time I was arrested in O’Hare airport on charges of terrorism and carrying a concealed weapon. What was the weapon? I forgot I had a starter pistol in my backpack, and it went through security. Needless to say, the shit completely hit the fan. That was fun.

* I was just kidding about all the drinking stuff. I promise I am not an alcoholic. I can stop at any time.

iGuy #8 – Auren

sfgirl,, san francisco girl

Found him at: What color is your .com
Date: Tuesday May 16, 2000
Name: Auren Hoffman
Job title: President
Company: BridgePath

Favorite alcoholic beverage: Jack and Coke

Favorite restaurant:¬†Arinel’s Pizza

His hood: Anza Vista

Is he handsome? Take a look below!

Boxers or briefs? Boxers

His sign: Aries

Age: 26

Squeezability rating of his bum: 8

What he thinks his best asset is: Extremely friendly

What he thinks his weakness is: Works a lot. He says he loves his work and he has the best job in the entire world!

What he thinks is the sexiest part of a woman: Intelligence

Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams

Favorite Book: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

What does he look like?
Yeah baby…look at this handsome guy!

So, where is this Auren guy from?
He is a New Yorker originally. He moved to California to attend college at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!), where he majored in Industrial Engineering.

What is BridgePath?
BridgePath is a business-to-business exchange for staffing firms such as Man Power and other temp firms. BridgePath recently received major VC funding and is hiring, so even if you can’t date Auren, you can work with him!

Politics, tennis and partying (of course)

Guy #7 – Jesse

sfgirl,, san francisco girl

Found him at: and party
Date: Monday May 8, 2000
Name: Jesse Phinney
Job title: Documentary Film Maker
Company: Freelance

Favorite alcoholic beverage: Jack and Coke

Favorite restaurant: Los Angeles: Yamashiro. He is eager to explore and discover new restaurants in San Francisco when he moves up here.

His hood: Hollywood Hills until June, when he moves to SF. Woo Hoo! Watch out SF!
Is he handsome? See for yourself below!

Boxers or briefs? Boxers

His sign: Gemini

Age: 24

Squeezability rating of his bum: 9

How he would rate himself: 10

What he thinks his best asset is: Easy going, free spirit

What he thinks his weakness is: Impatient

What he thinks is the sexiest part of a woman: Inner thigh

Older or younger women: Older

Fluent in any languages: Spanish and a little Russian

Favorite Movie: Run Lola, Run

]What does he look like?
Just take a look at this cutie with one of the sfGirls!

So, where is this Jesse guy from?
Boston Baby! We like those boys from Boston! I think it is the way they dress…ok I digress. He moved to California where he went to USC for Anthropology.

Film making…you have to admire someone who does what they love for their career! He also enjoys snow boarding (man after my own heart!), lacrosse and partying (who doesn’t?)

Who has he done films for?
Get this. He has filmed for the Learning Channel, Discovery and Playboy…YES PLAYBOY…oh behave! Oh and he was filming SFgirl the night I interviewed him! Go sfGirl!

Favorite pick-up line (Women and men listen up!)
Hey baby, I am a big Hollywood director and I think you would be great for my next movie. Well, he says he was kidding but I don’t know.

iGuy #6 – Grant

sfgirl, san francisco girl

Found him at: Softcoin party
Date: Thursday, April 27, 2000
Name: Grant G. Maxwell
Job title: Associate Network Consultant
Company: Netigy

Favorite alcoholic beverage: Gin and Tonic (He was drinking a Red Bull when we were interviewing him. hmmmm?)

Favorite food: South American

Favorite restaurant: Aqua or 5th Floor

His hood: Nob Hill

Is he handsome? See for yourself below!

Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs

His sign: Sagittarius

Age: 24

Squeezability rating of his bum: 9

How he would rate himself: 7.58

What he thinks his best asset is: Glasses (The sfGirls agreed that his glasses were one of the first things we noticed about him)

What he thinks his weakness is: His big feet!

What he thinks is the sexiest part of a woman: Lips

What does he look like?
Just take a look at this cutie with some of the infamous sfGirls

So, where is this Grant guy from?
He lived in Washington DC most of his life until he was 21. He then chilled in Chicago for a few years and went to Virginia Tech for Information Systems before he moved to the bay area.

Riding his motorcycle! Can you say sexy! rarrr!

What does Netigy do?
“Netigy provides network consulting and professional services to help enterprise clients and service providers make a smooth and successful transition to network-based business models. They are infrastructure architects who make sure the underlying technology foundation – from the network to the application environment – is highly tuned to enable peak business performance.”

Favorite pick-up line (Women and men listen up!)
Doesn’t use pick up lines. He claims to just talk to them!

Guy #5 – Keith C

Found him at: WiredPlanet party
Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2000
Name: Keith R. Crosley
Job title: Director of Marketing
Company: WiredPlanet

Favorite alcoholic beverage:¬†Maker’s Mark Manhattan

Is he handsome? Yeah Baby!

Intoxication level: He is relatively sober since it is his party but normally he would be at least 4 drinks into it. (It is only 9pm)

Boxers or briefs? Briefs in colors

Languages: Fortran

Squeezability rating of his bum:¬†9 (Quote from CPG: “They look pretty hard to me.”)

Favorite Restaurant: Bix or Infusion

Best hangover breakfast: Biscuits and gravy with coffee and orange juice!

What does he look like you ask?
He is about 6 foot with brown hair and steely blue eyes (oh yeah!). He is in all black sportin’ a DKNY tuxedo jacket. He has a devilish, but adorable smile and his left ear is pierced.

So, where is this Keith guy from?
He is originally from Redwood city but he grew up in Montana shootin’ guns (watch out!). He went to Undergrad at the University of Colorado, Boulder and majored in Mechanical Engineering. He also went to Grad school at the University of Colorado and majored in English Literature.

Playing music. He loves electronic music and synthesizers. He also enjoys drinking and smoking!

What does Wiredplanet do?
“WiredPlanet delivers personalizable, streaming MP3 music stations directly to listeners’ desktops. Their music is delivered through a combination of the website ( and the WiredPlanet Desktop Application–a net-connected program that puts listeners in control of their music experience.”

Favorite pick-up line (Women and men listen up!)
Doesn’t need pick up lines. Women usually approach me. He says he is fun to have drinks with and I believe it.

Guy #4 – Keith T

Found him at: WiredPlanet party
Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2000
Name: Keith Turner
Job title: Art Director and Computer Animation
Company: mySimon
Favorite alcoholic beverage: Vodka tonic
Is he handsome? Oh Baby!
Intoxication level: 40%
Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs
Favorite Restaurant: Indian oven
Squeezability rating of his bum: 10

What does he look like you ask?
This Keith has light brown spiky hair, blue eyes, and a very cute smile! He was wearing the coolest shiny blue shirt and jeans.

So, where is this Keith guy from?
He lived in Virginia until he was 22 at which time he went to Advertising school in Georgia. He then moved to San Francisco and went to school for 3Dmodeling and Animation at Mesmer.

He loves Science Fiction and has been doing Martial arts for 6-7 years.

What does mySimon do?
mySimon helps users shop for millions of products at thousands of online stores. Plus their service is fast, easy to use and free.

Guy #3 – David

Found him at: RedSky party
Date: Friday April 7, 2000
Name: David LaFarge Blum
Job title: Brand Strategist
Company: Sapient

Favorite alcoholic beverage: Non well vodka and cranberry or grapefruit

Is he handsome? He is a handsome devil!

Intoxication level: 60%

How many dot com parties he has been to: 2 or 3

Boxers or briefs? Boxers or nothing. He was wearing black Calvin Klein boxers when we saw him. Hey, he showed us!

Favorite Restaurant:¬†PJ’s Oyster bed and Roosevelt’s Tamale Parlor

Best hangover breakfast: Anything greasy

His hood: Glen Park 

Last book he read: Buddhism: pure and simple

What does he look like, you ask?
He has short, light brown hair and blue eyes. I’d say he was almost six feet tall. He has a very cute nose and nice lips too! He was wearing a black and white checked shirt and off white cords.

So, where is this David guy from?
He was born and raised in San Fran and went to undergrad at U.C. San Diego. He attended the University of Rochester for his MBA.

He likes to plays basketball and read.

How did he find out about the RedSky party?
Friends at work told him about it. He promised to get all his party info from SFgirl from now on!

Favorite pick-up line (Women and men listen up!)
Doesn’t use pick up lines and thinks it is intrusive. He usually meets people through friends. He met his last girlfriend through friends but has been single now for about 3 months. Watch out, he might be on the rebound!

What he notices about a woman first
How she is dressed. Says it is about how a woman presents herself in her clothes and that you don’t have to have a perfect body to look great!

Guy #2 – Edouard

Found him at: RedSky party
Date: Friday, April 7, 2000
Name: Edouard Andre
Job title: Programmer
Company: Isys
Favorite alcoholic beverage: Cranberry and vodka
Is he handsome? He is a cutie and he is French. Ooolala!
Intoxication level: 10%
Languages: French, Spanish and a little German.
How many dot com parties he has been to: 2
Boxers or briefs? Boxers
Favorite Restaurant: Cha Cha Cha
Best hangover breakfast: He claims he has never been hung over!

What does he look like, you ask?
He has the whole boy next door look to him. He was wearing a baseball hat, cargo pants and button up shirt. It appeared that under his baseball hat he has light brown hair and I would say he was about 6’1″.

So, where is this Edouard guy from?
He is from France where he lived until he was 21 and then moved to the US to go to college at Tufts. He currently lives in Alameda.

He plays basketball and likes to hang out with friends. He also likes to go out to clubs occasionally.

What does Isys do?
Isys builds eBusiness websites.

Favorite pick-up line (Women and men listen up!)
Doesn’t use pick up lines. He usually meets people through friends. He met his last girlfriend snowboarding with friends.

iGuy #1 – Noel

Found him at: Рthe Loop Networking Event
Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2000
Name: Noel Carrette
Job title: VP of Marketing
Company:¬†Fujo is the code name. It’s a secret right now! (Aren’t they all these days?)

Favorite alcoholic beverage:¬†Foster’s beer, although they don’t serve Fosters at most dot com events.

Is he handsome?¬†Hell ya! Plus, he is fluent in Spanish…oh baby!

Intoxication level: 20% the Loop, 50% BroadVision. The night was still young.

So, where is this Noel guy from?
He is originally from Southern California, Newport Beach to be exact, and was raised in Latin America (Costa Rico, Mexico, and Guatemala).

What is Fujo?
Fujo is dealing with and will help in defining the exciting new privacy space. Fujo is currently hiring for every position. Take a look at their website: or email Noel at the address above.

Why was he at the Loop?
He was sent by his Communication Director to get drunk but it didn’t happen, probably due to the lack of his favorite alcoholic beverage, Fosters! (Inside scoop: We caught up with Noel later at Thirsty Bear, where he was attending the Broadvision event and he was definitely getting his buzz on!)

Favorite pick-up line (Women and men listen up!)
Is that (Substitute perfume name here) perfume you are wearing? (This is just like mad libs!)

Keep a lookout for SFMingler, you may be next!