sfGirls – Where are they now? Heidi

Another sfGirl: Then and Now! Today I’m interviewing Heidi Durbin, who wrote a horoscope column on sfGirl.com and, full disclosure, she’s one of my sisters! 


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SFGIRL: Describe the Internet in one word in 1999.

HEIDI: Wonky

SFGIRL: Describe the Internet in one word in 2018.

HEIDI: Unlimited

SFGIRL: How do you spend a typical Sunday?

HEIDI: Waffles and bacon. Pick up my husband at the airport. Movie.

SFGIRL: What was the last really good thing you ate?


Shrimp Dynamite, crispy tempura white shrimp tossed with a sweet Asian glaze & drizzled with sesame aioli; macadamia nuts, coconut & sesame seeds SO GOOOOD

SFGIRL: Favorite restaurant?

HEIDI: Charlie Hong Kong’s in Santa Cruz, California 

SFGIRL: Favorite cocktail?

HEIDI: A good margarita

SFGIRL: How has your life changed since 1999? 

HEIDI: Well, I was 19 in 1999. I am now 37!! Crazy. I have two kids, married to a rockstar, moving to Nashville in a couple months and own an independent record label with my husband. I would never have guessed my life would be like this in 2017. 

SFGIRL: Did you party like it was 1999 on Dec. 31st, 1999? 

HEIDI: Haha no, I was 19.
SFGIRL: Dog or cat?

SFGIRL: What do you want to Shamelessly promote?


I don’t know. My husband’s band, Quiet Riot.

SFGIRL: Charity you would like to promote?


SFGIRL: What would you study in college if you could go back and choose again?


I would study horticulture.

SFGIRL: What is your favorite book of all times?

SFGIRL: Tiny house or mansion?
HEIDI: Tiny House


SFGIRL: What would a book about you be called?
HEIDI: Never Say Never

Thanks for stopping by sfGirl Heidi!