Wild Women Meditate

You are a wild woman, right?! You are independent, self-accomplished, stable, self-assured, healthy, self-aware and a fairly emotionally stable female. So, you ask yourself, *Why then, do I need to meditate?* And, *Who actually has 20 minutes to meditate, to sit in quiet reflection every morning and every evening for that long?*

Well I do, and I am here to inspire you and let you know, you can too! Hi, my name is Melissa Redd, I am the founder of Redd Coaching and PURE Health Retreats. I have served my community as a Life Coach for 13 years and I have been in the retreat business for 2 years. I am a meditation teacher and I meditate. I received my training with Gil Fronsdale at Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, and I put in the actual time, sitting on a pillow, sitting on a chair, or sitting in my meditation nook in my apartment, practicing meditation, practicing silence, practicing grounding.

I can go into the scientific and well documented benefits of meditation such as:

Stress Reduction (a decrease in the harmful hormone cortisol, a decrease in the inflammation response of the body)
Controls Anxiety (after 8 weeks of meditation, studies show reduced symptoms of phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and panic attacks).
Emotional Health (changes in brain activity – the brain shows increases in positive thinking and optimism).
Enhanced Self Awareness (develops a stronger understanding of self and how you grow into your best self).
Lengthens Attention Span (increases the strength and endurance of your attention).
Healthline, Scientific Based Benefits of Meditation, 7-5-2017

That is all cool and super important, but what I feel is even more relevant is having the practice of meditation in your toolbox when you are faced with a personal crisis, when you are faced with a life challenge that is completely colossal and out of your control. When you are NOT feeling like a Wild Woman, but a helpless CRAZY woman. THAT is what JUST happened to me last week. I was faced with a colossal personal crisis. These are the times when your meditation practice is instrumental, so that you do not have a literal panic attack.

Picture man’s best friend, a dog, yes, your dog. Can you picture the cutest, white puff of a 9 lb pup? Can you picture the most adorable, curly, Maltipoo (a combination of Poodle and Maltese), a non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog. The most loving, sweet, attentive, appreciative, kind, devoted creature known to mankind .. being sick, suffering, and almost on his deathbed? That was my pup, his name is Travis. That was me last week. I was out of sorts, he was suffering and I was suffering .. thank God for meditation. I sat down on my pillow daily for over 20 minutes, some days up to two hours. I meditated, I prayed, and that pillow is the only thing that has kept me sane over the last 10 days, kept my faith, and brought me back to hope and serenity. I truly mean it.

I never go into the bank, I always use the ATM. But, this visit I needed to go inside the Bank of America in Burlingame to cash a check. As I walked in with my pup and my boyfriend Ari behind me, I noticed the whole place was under construction, a re-model and there were no signs up to let us, the customer know, or to beware of potential hazards. Well, in a matter of minutes my pup ate some foreign debris off the floor, it was super dirty when I looked down .. so I immediately picked Travis up. But, it was too late, Travis had, in a matter of seconds ingested some toxic building materials, either asbestos, mono coat, glass fibers, or something really toxic and destructive to living animals and humans.

Now picture me, Mommy watching her little 9 lb. baby coughing, gagging and not able to breathe over the next hour. Mom, almost hyperventilating, we made it to the emergency room at SAGE Emergency Veterinarian Center in Redwood City where they took x rays and tried to troubleshoot the problem. The story gets worse. Over the next 6 days Travis stayed at the vet, we got him out of the critical care zone but then he went back to critical care zone and started to decline. I had no idea what was going on. On day 4, Dr. Diane Roberts, the Internal Medicine Doctor at SAGE, agreed with me, it was time to put Travis under anesthesia and perform an endoscopy. He was looking sad, depressed, not walking, nor holding his head up. Every single breath the poor guy took was labored and shaking. The scope results were in, Travis had had an acute GI event with over 100 pinpoint ulcers in his stomach and an inflamed GI track. His small intestine was double the size it should have been. After surgery, Travis had one more night at the vet with IV steroids administered and a GI lubricant medication .. I finally brought my baby Travis home on Saturday, weak, exhausted, but alive!

Travis is alive and he is healing. We are not 100%, but he is improving daily. Meditation saved me, mediation was my place of serenity among the many days of chaos. Mediation can save you too. Wherever you are in your life, I know you may be going through your own chaos, I hope you will choose the path of meditation to be your support system to get you through the storm and help you navigate back to a grounding place of faith, hope, healing and love.

For more information about classes on how to learn to meditate, PURE Health Retreats, meditation classes in N. California, and other cool mind, body sessions, go to: Redd Coaching, or Pure Luxury Retreats.

Warm Regards,

Melissa Redd